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About Me

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 I graduated from the University of New Hampshire (UNH) with a degree in Communication Arts, but I had a strong

leaning toward working in education. While I was in college, my youngest brother was having trouble in school. 

He was struggling with reading and his spelling and hand writing was atrocious! My parents happened to meet 

an educational therapist who had moved to NH.  My brother started therapy, and it helped him so much. Seeing him

progress with his educational therapist inspired me. So after graduation from UNH, I went for additional training

at the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) in Suffolk, Virginia.  At NILD I received the specific

training I use while working with my students as their educational therapist.  I also became a certified

administrator of the Woodcock Johnson IV Academic Achievement Test.  I have been working with students

in the Southern NH area for the past 4 years.  

I grew up in New Hampshire from the time I was 5 years old when my parents moved here from Pennsylvania. 

I have 4 rambunctious brothers, and an adorable cat named Knightly, named after Mr. Knightly from the book Emma by Jane Austen.  I remember, as a child, how difficult it was to learn how to read and write.  I loved to have stories read to me and wanted to write my own.  Because writing was such a slow and laborious process for me, I would speak my stories into a tape recorder, but it was still hard to get those thoughts down on paper.  I was frustrated because I could not communicate my thoughts and ideas in the ways that I wanted.  Math was like a foreign language. I could have benefited from educational therapy!  My own educational journey combined with witnessing the help my brother received, inspired me to pursue a career in helping struggling students with their academic difficulties.


When I'm not teaching, I enjoy bird-watching, cross-stitch, writing, cooking and hiking and reading.

I enjoy my students and cultivate a good rapport with them.  I bring energy and interest into each session.  I love what I do and I find it rewarding to know that I am investing in my students in ways that will help them to grow and develop all their lives.

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Serving Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts

*Retrain the Brain*

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