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What is educational therapy?

How can it help my child in school?

What Exactly is

Educational Therapy?

Educational therapy involves individualized

exercises focused specifically on a student's areas of weakness.  These exercises target underlying learning challenges and over time, form new pathways in a student's brain which enable them to independently tackle learning situations in new and successful ways.  The exercises are varied and selected specifically for each student.  These exercises are selected by me based on parental input and the initial assessment and are adjusted as therapy continues and students progress.  This is not tutoring.  As therapy aims for intervention just above the student's current level of academic ability, it creates an environment for growth.  Students gradually improve their learning abilities in ways that are tangible.  Improved reading, better test scores, neater handwriting, and more organizational skills are a few of the benefits that can be seen. Lasting changes will continue as the new pathways take hold and solidify.



Educational Therapy

There are two common types of educational assistance for struggling students: 

Tutoring with Modifications is the most common type.  It takes the form of tutoring in specific subjects areas often with classroom modifications such as untimed tests and reduced work load.  This gives students some measure of success, but it is limited to a specific subject and is often dependent on changes to the student's environment.  This improvement does not often spill over into other subjects. Modifications do not prepare students for real-world learning situations when they will not receive special adjustments.

Educational Therapy with the NILD's program aims at discovering each student's particular area of difficulty and uses targeted exercises to retrain areas of weakness and into strengths.  Educational therapy helps strengthen a student's root trouble with the end goal that their individual learning difficulty is no longer a deficit.  Educational therapy teaches students HOW to learn, enabling them to see improvement in all subject areas and to continue to learn and function throughout their lives.


Schedule and Rates

How to start?  I offer a free assessment when meeting with new potential students.  This assessment not only helps identify learning differences, but allows me to develop a unique plan for each student.


How often will you meet with my child? Educational therapy is done on a twice weekly basis.

How long is each session? Each session is typically between forty-five minutes to an hour long.


What ages/grades do you work with?  I work with students in grades 1st-8th.


What is the cost?  There is a $50 registration fee that covers the cost of the books and materials that I use with my students.  Each session is $55.

Where do we meet? I meet with students in their homes or at their schools.

Take the first steps from struggling to success!

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Serving Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts

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For more information on various learning difficulties and NILD educational therapy, please visit to the NILD website.

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