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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the free assessment?

The assessment is an hour long test which I use to determine strengths and weaknesses.  A wide range of exercises are used to determine patterns of strengths and weaknesses as compared to intellectual ability.  This analysis helps me build an individual lesson plan for each student.  


2. What are the sessions like?

In each session, I will lead the student through a number of different activities and exercises that target an area of weakness.  For example, one of my favorite activity involves the use of Morse Code, and helps strengthen auditory processing and spelling skills.  


3. Where do you meet?

I meet students either in their homes or at their schools during a study hall or after school. Meeting at a student's school can be worked out with school administration provided there is a private space to work without distractions.

4.  What will I need to buy before my child starts?

There is a $50 registration fee that covers the cost of the workbooks that I use during sessions.  Each student will also need to access to a stable 3'x5' blackboard.  Several of the exercises involve a writing on a blackboard.  A whiteboard is not preferred.  The texture of the chalk on the blackboard as been shown to improve mental processing and memory.

5. How long are students in the program?

Educational therapy is a long term commitment.  Most students are in the program for 3 to 5 years.  It may seem like a long time, but the goal is to develop the skills for a lifetime of success.

6. Do you offer discounts?

I offer discounts on every additional student that I see in one family.

7.  Is there homework?

There is some homework involved.  How much will depend on the student and their educational needs.  On average, count on about 30 minute of homework per session.

8. How is this different than tutoring?

Each activity during a session is designed to help develop learning strategies and cognitive functions that students will use in all subject areas.  However, sometimes I incorporate science or history books into an activity.  I do not work on specific school subjects with a student.

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